Working for God is more than just wanting to do a good; it is a deep passion to please Him through our devoted and excellent service. Always knowing that our Lord is a God that Rewards those who diligently seek Him.  Our team is committed to honoring Him by serving His children and community wholeheartedly

9:45am BRONX Campus

Maximo and MariaRosa Navarro

9:45am Bronx Campus Pastors

Gloria Nuñez

9:45am Bronx Campus Pastor

1:00pm BRONX Campus

Jose and Maria Cruz

1:45pm Bronx Campus Pastors

Pastor Licinio and Damaris Saldaña

1:45pm Bronx Campus Pastors

Pastor Evangelista Jose and Carmen Lacen

1:00pm Bronx Campus Pastors

3:00pm Manhattan Campus

Rafael Rodriquez

3:00pm Manhattan Campus Pastor

Pablo and Adagilsa Nivar

3:00pm Manhattan Campus Pastors

Annie Campechano

3:00pm Manhattan Campus Pastor

Eduardo Bonilla

3:00pm Manhattan Campus Pastor

Angela de la Cruz

3:00pm Manhattan Campus Pastor