Working for God is more than just wanting to do a good; it is a deep passion to please Him through our devoted and excellent service. Always knowing that our Lord is a God that Rewards those who diligently seek Him.  Our team is committed to honoring Him by serving His children and community wholeheartedly.


Assistant Pastors Of Heavenly Vision Christian Center

Sunday, First Service:

2868 Jerome Ave

Bronx, NY

9:45 am

| Pastors Maximo and Maria Rosa Navarro |



| Pastors Pablo and Adalgisa Nivar |



| Pastor Gloria Nuñez |



Sundays Second Service:

2868 Jerome Ave

Bronx, NY 10468

1:00 pm


| Pastors Evangelist Jose and Carmen Lacen |



| Pastors Jose and Maria Cruz |



| Pastors Licinio and Damaris Saldaña |




Inwood, Manhattan District

650 Academy street

New York, NY

3:00 pm


| Pastors Pablo and Adalgisa Nivar |



| Pastor Rafael Rodriguez |

 Pastor Rafel


| Pastor Eduardo Bonilla |



| Pastor Angela De La Cruz |

 Pastor Angela


| Pastor Anny Campechano |



District 12th:

715 E 225th street

Bronx, NY

11:00 pm


| Pastors Francisco and Xiomara Peralta |



| Pastor Elsa Rodriguez |