Evangelization Strategy!

War weapon that strips the enemy (Acts 1: 8; 5:42; 20:20

Invitation: Each disciple invites a person to each cell meeting and celebration. The cell leader will motivate to visit each apartment of the building or house of neighborhood where the cell meets and also to open a House of Prayer in the building / house of each disciple and newly converted as they win for Christ,

Multiplication: Each member will participate in one cell. Each cell leader will develop 5-10 leaders like him and motivate them to open cells (2 Timothy 2: 2).

Distribution: Each disciple will distribute a minimum of 50 to 100 treaties or place / send 1-7 through different social media weekly. Door-to-door flyers will be distributed in the buildings or houses where the home meeting is held at each cell meeting.

Testimonials: Each member will give a testimony on a service or on a radio or television program that shares “Something big happens at Prayer Mountain!” Testimonials will be recorded before, during and after services as well as in homes as available.

Evangelistic Invasion: Each disciple will participate in the evangelistic invasions held in his neighborhood, city or nation. Evangelistic invasions will be held periodically, especially to precede each miraculous fishing service.


Come and Join Us…

Every Saturday at 2:00pm @ Kingsbridge Armory, Bronx NY

We also have …


Prayer Walk:

March praying for the houses, neighborhood, streets, avenues and other places, according to the official distribution of shifts.



Prayer Patrol:  

Drive around the temple block, streets, neighborhood, state, nation, etc.



We are focused on ..


The Bronx

Circle of Fire:

1. The Temple of the Bronx

2. The District 7

3. Bronx County, Territory or Region

Crosses of Fire:

1. North to South Avenues

2. Streets from East to West and vice versa



Circle of fire:

1. The temple IS 52

2. The District

3. The island, cendado, territory or region

Crosses of fire:

1. North to South, Avenues

2. Blocks from East to West and vice versa